Insights + Training Package

This package is similar to the Insights Package, but includes a half-day training session with your sales team to implement the actions in real time from the ABM Insights Document.

  • 1.5 hour video call session/In-person meeting – review and discussion of sales and marketing teams, along with their roles and alliances, current lead gen activities, individual sales team’s pipeline efforts, ABM trends and technologies, ABM automation and how it might/might not work for your team, Designer ABM campaigns, role and benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google, social media, and more
  • Creation of one (x 1)  lead generation document with 25-150+ potential new leads (minimum list of 25, depending on industry)
  • ABM Insights Document – a document that outlines where ABM will benefit your business, an overview of a suggested outreach plan for a key account, and an outline of next steps to get the most out of your new leads
  • 2 x 30 minute follow up calls at a designated date
  • Half-day (4-4.5 hours max) hands-on training with the sales team members to implement the suggested actions in the ABM Insights Document. Training will include, but not limit itself to, LinkedIn Sales Navigator training, Google insights and research, specific SDR software training (if relevant), Designer/Haute Couture ABM activities and outreach, How-To design, implement, manage, nurture and conclude your own designer ABM campaign, merging old school sales techniques with current sales technologies and outreach, understanding the LTN (long-term nurture) process and much more….