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From 2019 to August 2021, we have worked with Jolie on business development and sales team support assignments covering a wide range of industries across the UK. Jolie proved to be up to the task, far exceeding our expectations in terms of investment, follow-up and professionalism. In the future, I would be more than happy to use her services again if, and when, the opportunity presents itself.

Matthieu Fresse, UK Country Manager & FSM Expert

Praxedo Ltd

I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring Jolie since 2018. Her positive attitude and confidence is catchy and I’ve long admired how she handles herself while speaking and working with clients across a variety of account-based marketing campaigns we have run together. She’s proven to be trustworthy, creative and accountable – qualities that are necessary when working with top-level, key accounts that have sensitive information and messages that need to be delivered in a timely manner. I highly recommend her and encourage anyone looking to test the waters with ABM or rise their current ABM activities to the next level to get in touch ASAP.

Max Paindavoine, Mentor & Managing Director

Winning By Design

I worked with Jolie in 2019 as FINALCAD brought her on board as an English-speaking SDR to assist in our EMEA marketing efforts. She proved to be trustworthy and accountable as she was asked to take on ringing hundreds of potential new leads for our EMEA team and managed to secure meetings for our Italian Account Manager. She showed adaptability and flexibility by learning how we work on the Drift system and HubSpot to better serve our customers and was on hand for late hours as the face of our English speaking Bot. I would recommend getting in touch to find out how she can help support your existing lead and demand gen efforts.

Loic Jeanjean, CMO, Assurly

(Previously Global Head of Marketing-Demand Generation at FINALCAD)

Jolie is as passionate as talented in this account-based marketing activity. She took over the campaign and made it out most successful ABM campaign ever!

Irene Garcia, Marketing Data & Automation Manager

Version 1 (Formerly Presidion)